The War Against Christianity: Considering Some Compelling Evidence

June 20, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: David New

Note: This transcript is taken from a Stand in the Gap Today program originally aired on June 20, 2024. To listen to the podcast, click HERE.

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Stand in the Gap Today, and it’s also our bimonthly constitutional and American history update program with constitutional attorney historian and author David New. Now, if I were to ask you this question and say to you, is there an ongoing war against Christianity in America? Well, some of you might say absolutely, absolutely there is. Others might say, well, it depends on what you mean by the word war, since clearly there’s not a war going on, like as in the crusades of the past with swords and horses and physical death. But then some might say, well, but if you were to put it this way, is there an ideological war going on where there are strategic efforts by the humanistic and ungodly forces within America to undermine our Judeo-Christian based laws, alter our history, tear down our monuments to our patriotic heroes and so forth?

Sam Rohrer:       Then we would agree yes. But in a general sense, the question would be, can any of us, can you provide what I’m going to say compelling evidence that there is a concerted effort in an identifiable way to prove that this ongoing war, however you would define it, is anything more than just a feeling that we sense? Well after all, there are those who are most involved in attempting to undermine our Judeo-Christian underpinnings, those who are involved in that, and those who attempt to silence the most vocal and effective voices for truth or to alienate those who step up and encourage a resistance to those who are literal enemies of God’s truth and our constitution and the foundations of liberty. We’d all with one voice vociferously deny all of these groups would, I’m telling you, they’ll deny that in they are attacking Christianity or the tenets of Christianity say, no way in the world would we doing that, even though we might believe that they are.

Sam Rohrer:       So which is it? Well, the title I’ve chosen for today’s program is this, the War Against Christianity considering some compelling Evidence, and today David New and I are going to engage this topic provides some evidence that in fact there is a war in the sense of an organized, funded, longstanding campaign against organizations and people who at some point in time raised their head in the public square to question or oppose the efforts of other people or organizations or initiatives or government laws or policies which they and those positions identified as threatening to freedoms given by God to us or things in our Declaration of Independence or Constitution example. So that being the case, let’s go right into this. David, welcome to the program, glad to have you back and looking forward to engage this topic.

David New:         Yes, I’m glad to be with you and blessings to all of those that are with us today.

Sam Rohrer:       David, we could come at this a lot of different ways and one we’re going to specifically because you’ve done some significant work on a leading organization as part of the presentation of evidence, and we’ll get to that in the next couple of segments. But on the other hand, we know that in a larger sense we talk about on this program all the time, there is a collision of worldview. We have George Barn on your line. We have a lot of people on here and we talk about in reality there’s two worldview. There is a biblical worldview that says God is God created. God established a pattern for life and living and there’s his way and then there is every other way under the sun. Some led by atheists, some led maybe by religious groups, whatever. But at the end of the day, there are two ways, God’s way and man’s way now that we know fundamentally underpins controversies and efforts that this ongoing fight that we’re in, but you’re going to identify an organization because certain organizations have stepped up and have taken a lead at attacking Christianity. We’re going to go there in a minute, but can you give an example of other clear areas of attack that have been ongoing, formidable, funded, strategized that really are other prongs of, I would say this war against Christianity? Not to get into depth, but just to kind of mention the categories.

David New:         Well, one of the things that I could mention for sure is what’s going on in the month of June throughout the United States. This is called pride month for the LGBT community and this is the month for the entire month where the gay lifestyle is celebrated from coast to coast. I think it’s time that we not let these groups and this lifestyle have the floor. I think they should be challenged. One of the things I would like to recommend is that the Christian Church in June have their own celebration every June. I would call it joy month. Joy month. And I would base it upon the teachings of the book of Philippians where the apostle Paul talks about and uses the word joy, rejoice or gladness around 19 times in that very short book. It’s a very uplifting book of wonderful book. So I think that we should challenge pride month with Joy Month of the United States.

Sam Rohrer:       David, I think that’s a good idea and that we know it’s really current, it’s relevant, but ladies and gentlemen, that is a well-funded, well-organized, longstanding well-established effort by a lot of different groups, different faces, different groups. That one that David mentioned just like the abortion effort industry or many, many things that we are facing that are part of the cultural battle we would call it. They’ve been around for a long time. And fundamentally, these groups that pursue death like abortionists or pursue a different definition of human sexuality that God laid out in the whole pride month effort, ultimately who are they opposed to? Well, they’re opposed to God and God’s definition, but it takes many different forms. Who are they aided by? Well, they’re aided by all types of different groups, some of them religious that step up and support those. Some of those are wildly antigo atheist types like the George Soros money that finds its way into it.

Sam Rohrer:       But we also find that you have guys in office that are actually getting ahold of taxpayer money to help fund these things. So the point here is this, ultimately there is a worldview clash. It takes many different forms. People rise, they put organizations together, they seek funding. Ultimately the attack is against God and it is against Christianity, and that’s our focus here. When we come back, we’re going to consider what David considers and I agree with him, a lead organization that you’ll recognize when we identify that has been at the forefront of this war against Christianity, get the introduction to today’s program. This is our bimonthly constitutional and American history update. It’s kind of what we do. You’ll get pieces of this from time to time, well actually every time we’re here, but sometimes more American history and looking back than constitutional issues. But between that is where we go.

Sam Rohrer:       Our theme today we’ve selected is the War Against Christianity considering some compelling evidence. And so if you didn’t catch the first seven, go back and pick it up, kind of laid out the broader picture of what’s happening. But using this word war, because we talk a lot about definitions here. Let’s just go this direction to make sure we’re on the same page and understand what we’re talking about because a lot of people use this word, and it’s not even the right context sometimes, but in the truest sense of the word war is literally defined as this. This is the definition, a contest between nations or states carried on by force either for defense or for reving insults and redressing wrongs for the extension of commerce or acquisition of territory or for obtaining and establishing the superiority and dominion of one nation over the other. Now that’s a lengthy description because it’s a big topic, but as a part of the definition now this is from Webster 1828 dictionary, which is where I go.

Sam Rohrer:       It’s the only one that reflects of a biblical worldview. It also says this as definition war is this, it is hostility. It is a state of opposition or contest. It is enmity, it is the disposition to contention. So when any underlying enmity or disposition, because we’re talking today, not so much about actual swords in the war as on the ground war, but in this definition when enmity exists in contention, it is ultimately of course against God’s word. God’s word is thrown out this enmity in time, ultimately starting with enmity toward God will manifest itself in opposition against those who promote what God says defends or upholds God’s definition of truth. And in the end, the big picture, literally literal war between nations will erupt as we’ve witnessed throughout human civilization. And we’re seeing right now grow day by day right now here in 2024. And as I present it so often in the very end, the nations of the world though will truly, they will literally amass in a war against God, against his people, Israel and the saints of God, Christian people alive at that point and God will strike them all dead in judgment.

Sam Rohrer:       That is what the Bible says. That’s how it’s going to end up. But until then, whether we’re engaging in a soft war or a hard war goes on at times led by different people, different organizations, but definitely ongoing. Alright, David, with that little bit of a foundation there, moving from a more of a purely ideological opposition to Christianity to more of an organizational opposition, do you believe that there is one institution that clearly demonstrates that traditional Christianity as we know it, is under an ongoing severe cultural attack in America? If so, who is that group?

David New:         There is one organization that has a very special place in the American culture and it’s called the Southern Poverty Law Center that was founded in 1971 in Montgomery, Alabama by a gentleman by the name of Morris Des. Now the Southern Poverty Law Center enjoys a position that the A CIU does not have that the human rights campaign doesn’t have that the secular coalition doesn’t have Americans United for the separation of church and state doesn’t have. They have a very distinctive position that only they really have in this nation. They are the authority as far as the public is concerned as to who is and who isn’t a hate group. So they are extremely respected in America, they’re respected by the mass media, they’re respected by law enforcement, coast to coast. They’re respected by institutions of higher learning. When people want to discover or study domestic terrorism, one of the first sources you go to is the Southern Poverty Law Center.

David New:         Now here’s the bad news. If you get listed in this group, you’re in big trouble because if Americans want to know where do I go to find out who it’s safe to publicly attack and demean and debase, where do I find the list of saying, who can I do that to? Who can I treat? Alright, the hate groups, which hate group can I hate basically is the answer or the question. It’s the Southern Poverty Law Center. They make the list, they create it every year, and if you’re in that list, you’re in trouble because only they have that power to put you in that kind of a framework. So it’s a very powerful organization. So if you want to know who it’s okay to like and who is okay not to like who, it’s okay to loathe you go to the Southern Poverty Law Center,

Sam Rohrer:       David, that is true. I can attest to the knowledge of that group and we’ll get into that maybe a little bit later. But they do have a preferred position does exactly what you say and it’s kind of like, wow, who in the world are you people to define what is good or bad or righteous or evil or hate or love? Yet that is where they are. So in your opinion, what is it that they specifically do as a matter of mission or function that is so objectionable and would link it to what would say a clear attack on Christian teachings?

David New:         Yes, this group, the Southern Poverty Law Center in the beginning was very good. It was a good organization because they were doing a good work. They were classifying systematically professionally who the bad guys are in America, who are the people who hate just because they’re different in some way because they have an antigo attitude towards human beings, people that look different than they do. So in the beginning they were really good. Now here’s the groups that they list, the K, k, K, these are not very nice people. The Nazis, they’re listed white supremacists, they’re listed in their annual report, skinheads, they’re listed and they’re all described as hate groups and rightly so. These are people who should be resistant, rebuked because of their anti-God ideology. Well, what’s the problem? The problem is that the Southern Poverty Law Center has gone beyond these groups and now are beginning to list people that it’s unjust to apply the same word. They apply the same word hate to many Christian organizations that they apply to the Nazis.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, and David, here, let me follow up. You’re going there, but it is ladies and gentlemen what David said. Those groups he mentioned they truly are hate groups. They are, but David, as you said, they are lumping Christian groups in with Nazis and white supremacists and others. So a logical question why?

David New:         Yes, yes. The reason is, alright, let’s listen to who the bad guys are. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Alliance for Defending Freedom, the American Family Association, the Wildman brother Wildman, Don Wildman, great man, godly man, I think he passed on just recently. D James Kennedy, the Family Research Council, the Pacific Justice Institute Traditional Values Coalition. They are listed as hate groups the same way as Nazis are. So why, what is it that these groups do? They defend traditional Christian morals, they are against homosexuality, shall maybe I should say it a different way. They’re for the traditional family and that does not include the various sex acts that homosexuals engage in. Now it is perfectly fine in this country if you support the gay lifestyle, you have a right to do that. You have a right to think for yourself and believe what you want. I think spiritually it’s an enormous mistake. But you have that right, but you also need to be fair. And when you labeled the word hate to D James Kennedy and the Family Research Council, you are being very unjust. You’re going far beyond the pale. You are engaging in military, in the spiritual sense, hostilities against them. They are waging a war. Now there’s an interesting contradiction when you look at the webpage for all the Christian groups that are against the gay lifestyle. There’s quite a few of them, but you know the Muslim

Sam Rohrer:       World, David, just hold that we’re out of time, we’re out of time. So hold that ladies and gentlemen, stay with us because it’s not just that they lump in with the K, K, K and the Nazis and so forth, good groups that are defending traditional values, biblical values, but they leave out certain other religious groups that ought to be included, but they let it out. That’s where David was going. So that little bit of intrigue, we will leave it there, join us and we’ll be back in just a moment. Well, the realization that in our culture we are in a war with constantly changing ideologies or terms, strategies and organizations that continually arise in opposition to God himself, truth to the Constitution, to Christianity, to things like national sovereignty and frankly everything that God has instituted such as we discussed this briefly in last segment like marriage or the family or male and female, well that’s where the fight begins and we see that in the culture.

Sam Rohrer:       We’re just focusing on primarily this program, the lead organization and highlighting that although we’ve identified how some of the others are coming about these things, but to underscore just how prevalent it is in this fight about which I think we must all be aware. As I was preparing this program today, just a short time ago, I had a note that came through from Dr. Ben Carson, I think we all know who he is, been able to sit and talk with himself and his wife some years ago in depth, pretty interesting couple. But he wrote a short article entitled There is a War on the American Family. And I thought when we begin thinking of this, just begin looking. We didn’t think in these terms, it’s out there everywhere. This is what he said. He said, there is a war on the American family. He said America used to be the shining city on the hill and it’s now declining rather rapidly.

Sam Rohrer:       I was in Europe last year talking to a number of people and I said, what do you think about America? And the answer I got was, we think you’ve your minds. And that was very concerning to them because if America goes, what happens to everybody else? That’s significant to what we’re seeing is the point here. But he went on to say the family is where you derive your identity. And we’ve already had the example with the breakup of the black family. You see the violence that has ensued. The murder rates in our inner cities are so high. Ben Carson goes on, he says People don’t respect other people’s lives. A lot of that has to do with the missing father and now that spread to the rest of our society as well. And then he identifies this, he goes on, he said, so we have to be there early on, talk about response during the formative years.

Sam Rohrer:       And then he identified one of the enemies and the Marxists understand this very well and they’ve taken tremendous advantage of it and we’re seeing the results of what they’re doing in our schools. So I share that to demonstrate very relevant what we’re talking about. We’re not the only ones who see it, others do. He identified an enemy, Marxism and ideology. But it takes the form and many organizations advancing it. That’s the point. So David, now back to what you were getting ready to say because within the Southern Poverty Law Center as an organization, very unique, they will hammer Christian organizations for what they believe about human sexuality and marriage and so forth. But then they’re not very consistent because they leave out a very large religious organization and they don’t mention them when in fact they are dangerous. Tell us about it.

David New:         Yes, there is an enormous consistency and you can tell that they are strategically targeting the Christian religion. There’s no question about it. Now, for example, in the groups that I’ve already listed, another one is called the Westborough Baptist Church. This is a very bad group. This is truly, it may have the name of Christian but it’s not, it’s a hate group. But to treat Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council the same way as the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is obscene and unjust. But what I noticed when I was reviewing all the groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center listed, it became very obvious there’s something missing.

David New:         Now, according to a group that keeps these records called Statista Research Department on May of 2024, just last month, they said this about homosexuality in other countries it says quote, worldwide 64 countries criminalize homosexuality as of 2024. Most of them are located in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In 12 countries the death penalty is imposed or at least a possibility for private, consensual same sex activity. These countries are Iran, Northern Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bruna, Nia, Pakistan, Qatar, United Arab, Emirates and Uganda. End of now you know that the government of Saudi Arabia pays to have many mosque built in the United States. They pay for it, they have them paid to build them, which means those imams that work in those government paid mosque by Saudi Arabia are going to teach their people what the Saudi Arabians expect them to teach. And that means homosexuality is deserving of the death penalty. Interesting. The Southern Poverty Law Center never mentions one single Muslim group. It’s even worse than that. The only time I could find them attacking the Muslims was the nation of Islam and they attacked them and they labeled them as a hey group because they’re antisemitic, which is quite true, but nevertheless they don’t include them under the anti LGBT group. This shows how they’re targeting and how they’re trying to attack the Christian religion. They’re not being fair, they’re not being balanced at all.

Sam Rohrer:       David, I think that’s a great point information. Probably very few listening are aware, very clear. You can’t construe it any other way. Alright, now it appears though that over the last maybe couple of years perhaps since their founder was forced out of the Southern Poverty Law Center, that they’re actually maybe experiencing some trouble.

David New:         Yes, there’s problems in River City. The group that is the official spokesman, the high priest of who gets to decide a hate group, who is a hate group and who is not a hate group apparently have some problems. Morris Steve was let go in 2019. He was fired. Now they didn’t say what the reason was, so we’re not going to say what the reason is. But they also said apparently there are problems with sexual harassment in the group. There are problems with racial discrimination in the group and these things by the employees that work there have complained to management about that. This is totally inconsistent with that law center is supposed to represent the interesting thing, they just recently fired quite a few of their employees. I guess they’re kind of running out of money, but in fact that’s not the case. The Southern Poverty Law Center, as of the most recent reporting on the nine 90 has almost three quarters of a billion dollars and it is reported some of this money is held in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. Now this is kind of strange behavior, so it’s unclear as to why they could have kept all their employees for years with three quarters of a billion dollars in their bank account in cash. Microsoft is the only one I know of or some of these other big Wall Street outfits. They’ve got hundreds of billions of dollars in solid cash. But this group which relies on donations, has that kind of money. So they are in trouble. They’re being accused of doing the very things they accuse other people of doing.

Sam Rohrer:       I think that’s ironic. It is very ironic. I had no idea David, because I hadn’t looked at their nine 90 that they were sitting on that kind of cash. So my first response would’ve been that they were running out of money. But clearly as you said, that has obviously nothing to do with it. There are other things which may, who knows if they’ll come out in time or not. But anyways, I’m just looking at the clock. We don’t have much time left. David, let’s do this because I want to have you respond a little bit to how those who are listening should respond to the knowledge that there is an organization like Southern Poverty Law Center who does put people’s name up, identify them falsely organizations. You’ve given a list of them, but that kind of false accusation or something the scripture talks about a lot.

Sam Rohrer:       They accused Christ of doing things as well. Not the Southern Poverty Law Center but his enemies. So ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to conclude a little bit. I’m going to shift gears and go into some headline news in just a moment when we come back. But then I’ll go to David before the end and have him but conclude with giving a wrap up on what we best can do in light of these things and how we should approach it. We need to have a response that’s appropriate. We’ll give her a response. We’ll be back in just a moment. Well, before we go into a application of what do we do, and I just said I’m going to ask David to do that before I end up the program here. But I wanted to bring forth one thing that just happened and this is to be aware it’s not completed, but I want you to be aware of certain things because there is a move afoot and I think it will only grow if you have been watching or noting yesterday the US house that Congress passed HR 26 70.

Sam Rohrer:       Now what that is is the National Defense Authorization Act for 2024. It’s done every year. It has lots of things about a thousand pages long. It funds the military. It has a lot of things that are thrown into it. But in this one which made it different, and this is why if you are not aware, lemme give you some facts about it. Here in it is a provision to require men ages 18 to 26 to register for the draft. We haven’t done that for a long time. Been a volunteer force. This would resurrect the draft and automatic registration with selective service. It’s a big deal. There is a Senate version, which is the way it works on the NDA National Defense Authorization Act. In that version, women are included for the first time as being required to also registered a big deal. And while it’s uncertain at this point just exactly how this matter of resurrecting the draft selected service and whether or not it’ll be included and expanded to include our young girls, that remains up in the air.

Sam Rohrer:       But I’m just going to conjecture and say that it is moving forward. Now, Israel does it because they don’t have enough people. So the women, young ladies have to serve, but we haven’t here for a long time and we could go different directions on that. Some would say, well it’s fine if they are. Personally, I say, I don’t want my daughter having to go and serve in the military and shouldn’t have to be. And that is the point. Now here’s some things actually Fox News covered this. So some of the points I’m going to give in here, I’ve searched on my own, but they also gave, I’m going to say this, this is my fact. The draft is going to return, it’s going to come back. I think it has to for a number of reasons. There are many people, many members opposed to women and girls being included.

Sam Rohrer:       Chip Roy from Texas is one. Josh Hawley from Missouri have said there’s no way they’re going to consent to it, but a lot already are. But here are a couple of facts. Lemme just give you a couple of things before I go back to David. The point is that our reserve force called Ready Reserve, ready Reserve Army, is this simply not sufficient to meet current needs. Here’s some numbers. 1973, that group formed a group of 700,000 people. That’s how large our ready reserves were in 2024. It’s only 76,000. That’s about 10% of what the total is. In other words, there’s nobody in reserve. Sounds kind of like our deficit, doesn’t it? Alright, that’s one. These are reasons why I think it’s going to move forward. Number two, world War is coming. You can see it all around us, but we don’t have the troops. Here’s a third one.

Sam Rohrer:       This is amazing. 77% of military age Americans, 77% do not qualify to go into the military for what kind of reasons? Inferior education, medical conditions, overweight addictions just simply physically unfit in criminal records. 77% of military age, they’re not even qualified. And here’s a big one. 32% of military families, 32% are not a third, are not recommending that their children or friends sign up for the service because the military has become so woke and bereft of believable leadership really because there’s been a war against those warriors in our military. I even seen an ad, maybe some of you have, there was an ad that the military, the Pentagon was running as a recruitment tool. It was framed up like a cartoon and it talked about those in our military. And I gave an example come from households with two mommies. And the ones we are looking for are those who have been active on walking for the rights of all of that.

Sam Rohrer:       It is just unbelievable what it does. It turns off people started under Obama, now it’s gone under steroids under Biden. Yet another big number actually happened under Trump. The Covid shot mandates. I’ve actually heard Fox people talk about this. The Covid shot mandates forced out over 8,500 of our very best. And their words were these were designed to eliminate Christians and the most patriotic. So this is something that’s happening. I’m just bringing it up. I’m going to let it right there and just say, be aware. Watch it. That’s not going to happen anything tomorrow. But the defense authorization bill will pass. It has to pass and they’re going to load a lot of things up into it. So be aware and pray about that. Alright, David, let’s go back into this. All right, so we’re watching these things happen with the enemies of Christianity like the Southern Poverty Law Center, being able to classify people as haters when they’re not and so forth. How should those who are listening interpret that and respond to it?

David New:         The Apostle Peter gives extremely wise on how to handle a situation when you’re being accused of something that is not true. And it’s a wonderful passage. It’s the master strategy to deal with unjust situations that many of our Christian organizations find themselves in today. Turn to one Peter the second chapter and the 12th verse. I’ll read it to you. Having your conversation honest among the Gentiles, that whereas they speak against you as evil doers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold glorify God in the day of visitation. Basically what we should do when we get accused of something that we did not do, and I understand, Sam, you are on the list as well, with not only the Southern Poverty Law Center, but also with right wing watch, what we should do is we should live the Christian life. That’s our best offense. We live it down.

Sam Rohrer:       And David, I think that is the best way to conclude that ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, I dunno if David’s want to mention that or not, but that is true. I have been on there for a long time, came on their list when I was in the office for defending marriage or for defending parents’ rights in education for their children and for opposing real ID and national surveillance efforts. There are a number of things that they didn’t like, but here’s the point, and I’m going to summarize what David says as well, is my sense that I think it’s the best policy. One day we’re going to stand before God and give an account for everything that we say and do well, whereas we know our government, another enemy entities are catching what we’re saying and trying to silence those who tell the truth. Their efforts will go as far as their efforts will go.

Sam Rohrer:       But I’m not as concerned about them as I am concerned about what will be said when God himself presents what we do. I think if we just do what the Bible says confidently so that our goal is not what the Southern Poverty Law Center says in lies, but that what God will say. I hope that you are hoping and working for this, that he will say of you, well done, good and faithful servant. And if that is your goal and that’s where you go, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Alright, well thanks for being with us today on this program. David, you always thankful to what you’re doing. Ladies and gentlemen, God bless you. We see you back here tomorrow. Lord willing.