Profiling the Anti-Christ: What the Bible Says

July 3, 2024

Host: Hon. Sam Rohrer

Guest: Dr. Carl Broggi

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Sam Rohrer:       Hello and welcome to this Wednesday edition of Stand In the Gap Today and our bimonthly focus on Israel prophecy and the Middle East. Today I am so glad to have back with me, Dr. Carl Brogue, senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Beaufort, South Carolina with his website We give often go and search it out. Search the That is the site search, the, a lot of information there. Well, throughout the last several years, Dr. Broggi and I have focused on matters of prophecy as it relates to Israel and the Middle East and Times events for the purpose of helping all those who want to know better to understand our times in which we live and what is biblically described as the end times and the latter years we’ve talked about those things. This focus has been intentional. Why as we’ve said so many times, because the Bible is nearly 30% prophecy.

Sam Rohrer:       We’ve done it not to, as we’ve said, and Dr. Carl has said many times, it’s not to scare but to prepare and I’m glad to hear from so many of you across the nation who’ve expressed your sincere thankfulness for the practical and comprehensive nature of these programs, which by the way, all can be found on our app or on our website under the prophecy search topic tab, you’ll find a search and then you can go there. It’s under prophecy for instance, you’ll find among others dozens of programs. Literally there’s a 10 part practical and comprehensive chronological series on prophecy that we did identifying and explaining in practical detail, God’s pronouncement of his plan of redemption going all the way back to Genesis three and the coming of a redeemer to the days in which we live and the time when a new heaven and new earth will be created and sin and death destroyed the enemies of God defeated and all of that you’ll find there.

Sam Rohrer:       We’ve done programs on antisemitism, what is it? We’ve talked about replacement theology. We’ve done a program on distinguishing between divine and demonic signs, and I say that just because there is so much there and this information does not go out of date, I encourage you to go and veil yourself of these programs. Now, on today’s program, Carl and I want to address in a focused way the person of the antichrist about which the Bible speaks this intriguing character. The scripture prophesize is going to emerge in the days I think, and we think just ahead and he plays a major role in the tribulation period in whose spirit the Bible says The spirit of antichrist, the Apostle John talks about in one John four is already here. So if you want to know what the Bible tells us about the pedigree I’m calling it of the antichrist, the politics and the personality of this individual, the promises that he will make and break and the passing the end of this individual, please stay tuned to this program today, the title I’ve chosen to frame our discussion. It says Profiling the antichrist, what the Bible says. And with that, Carl, thank you for carving out of your busy, busy schedule. Time to be with us again.

Carl Broggi:         Great. It’s always Sam to be here and what an interesting individual. I have plans never to meet him, but there’s a lot we can learn about him and it’s important prophetically as God is setting the stage for his arrival.

Sam Rohrer:       Yeah, absolutely. So let’s get right into it. We have too much probably to get done, obviously we do in this program, so we’re going to hit some highlights, but when it comes to the antichrist, all our listeners and all who are watching and listening, they’re seeing it to me appears Anyways, more and more articles. So many are speculative, so many seem to be sensational. We’re not going to go that way, but one thing is for sure this individual is coming, so let’s just kind of walk through this if we can. Carl, I’m calling it start of the pedigree, put it that way. For instance, who exactly is the antichrist? For instance? Is the antichrist just another word for Satan or the devil? Is it the same? Is it different? Who is this character called the Antichrist?

Carl Broggi:         Well, certainly Satan is not the antichrist, but he’s behind the antichrist and in a broad sense, the antichrist has been at work, the Bible teaches since the start of the church. In Matthew 13, Sam Jesus gave a series of parables, we call ’em the kingdom parables in light of Israel’s rejection in the 12th chapter. He describes in the interim time between their rejection and when he will actually literally establish the kingdom at his second coming. And he reminds us that Satan, he’s the one who’s credited with sowing tears that resemble wheat as the Lord Jesus through his people go out and spread the good news. And so the antichrist is pictured as a great deceiver, sometimes in a broad sense through false teachers and a false message, but then very specifically in appointed sense through a one world leader who like we’ve never seen before in all of human history, he’ll be the chief anti-Semite, not initially, but as time progresses and he will seek to deceive people with a false message like never before.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, so I’m going to ask a series of questions here. Does the Bible tell us, for example, from where the antichrist will arise, some say he’s going to come out of Europe, some may say the Middle East. What about his ethnicity and in the end, does that make any difference?

Carl Broggi:         Well, it does make some difference, but let me just say that we do know specifically that he comes out from the gentile nations. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea. It’s particular when you see the word sea in the Bible. There’s four great seas, the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and then there’s the Great Sea, not the Pacific or the Atlantic, but specifically the Mediterranean Sea. And this same imagery is used by Daniel in the seventh chapter that out of a revived Roman empire will come. This world leader, our friends can study that In Daniel two, Daniel seven and Revelation 13 and 17 affirm the same thing. Second question that you asked, does that mean he’s a gentile? And I would say no, he comes from the gentile nations, but I believe he’s Jewish. We do know from Daniel 9 26 that he comes from the people of the prince who is to come in that great prophetic passage and of course the people that he’s describing are the Romans, and so there’s a man coming out of the Roman Empire who will be represented.

Carl Broggi:         I do believe that he’s Jewish for several reasons. First of all, it’s inconceivable to me that Jewish people would embrace a gentile as Messiah. You ask any JD today, Hey is the Messiah Jew? Of course, in fact he’s from the tribe of Judah. He’s going to be born in Bethlehem of Judea. They have very clear Jewish definitions. In addition, he is going to be involved during the great tribulation in a Jewish temple. I think most pointedly is what Jesus said. He said, I have come in my father’s name and you do not receive me. If another shall come in his own name, you’ll receive him. There’s two words for another in Greek. There’s another of the same kind or another of a different kind, and he uses another of the same kind. In other words, another just like me, another Jewish man, he’s going to come and he’s going to pause it himself is your Messiah. Anyway, that’s real quick.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, well that’s excellent. Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us. When I come back, I’m going to also ask this question of Carl Broggi. Is the antichrist, is he born? Is he a demonic demon, supernatural being in dwelt by the devil or what do we know about that part? Well answer that question and more when we come back. Well, if you’re just joining us today, our theme is this profiling the antichrist, what the Bible says. My special guest, recurring guest so many times been with me, so thankful to have him back. Dr. Carl Broggi, senior pastor of Community Bible Church in Beaufort, South Carolina hosts his own radio ministry entitled Search the Scriptures, and he has a website search the, which I know many of you have gone to because you’ve told me a lot of information there and so I’ll just leave that there. But stay with us because we’re going to go deeper and deeper here.

Sam Rohrer:       Let’s get into this and then I’m going to go back and ask Carl the question I posed before we were into this break. But among other things, the Bible does give us some insight into the person of the antichrist. Carl mentioned some on the other side, but taken together it is possible to build a profile of this character in both personality and politics. And frankly, everything we need to know is what God’s told us. But for instance, we know from a reference in the New Testament in two Thessalonians two, three, and four, that this person is referred to as a man, a man of lawlessness, that he exists until he is revealed. So he’s in obscurity until he is revealed. He will be arrogant and pronounces himself actually greater than God and ultimately demands worship as if he is God. And he’s also shrouded in deception.

Sam Rohrer:       Now here’s what second Thessalonian says, don’t let anyone deceive you in any way for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and that man of lawlessness is revealed. The man doomed to destruction, he will oppose and he will exalt himself over everything that is called to God or is worshiped so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God. Alright, so that’s where we’re going to go in this segment. Ladies and gentlemen, Bacar, let me go back before I ask you to distinguish between the antichrist small A that scripture talks to us about and the spirit of antichrist and the antichrist by asking that question on the other side and that is this, when this individual, the antichrist comes forward, is he a demonic being that just looks human perhaps? Or is he a human who is in dwelt by the devil himself, say like Judas and just given extraordinary demonic powers, do we know what’s the Bible say?

Carl Broggi:         Clearly he’s the latter. He’s a human being just like you or I or anyone listening to, again, we know he comes up out of the sea, which means he comes from the gentile nations of the world. Doesn’t mean he’s a gentile. There will be Jews still across the planet at the second coming that Jesus said he’ll gather with his angels. Most Jews will be back in the land. In fact, that’s true today, but he’s a real human. And so his geographical origin is from a former Roman empire, but it says not only does he come out of the sea, he comes out of the abyss in the same chapter in Roman, revelation 13 and verse seven, and the abyss is a place of evil, satanic, fallen angels with great power. And so it’s an underscoring that his power comes from Satan himself. You’re right, Judas was literally possessed of the devil.

Carl Broggi:         There’s only two people in all of scripture who are called the son of perdition. One is Judas who is literally possessed by the devil by choices he made. The second in the passage you just referenced, two Thessalonians two the antichrist. He too is the son of perdition and do real miracle signs and wonders. They’re not fake, they’re real, but their origin comes from the evil one and that will be his ploy to convince people. And certainly if indeed he is Jewish, I do believe he is. That’s why people will accept him. Even Gentiles who tend to hate Jews, at least initially, they’ll accept him because he’s going to wow people beyond belief and offer them hope like no one else can.

Sam Rohrer:       So I mean anyways, let’s go around. That’s great. Lemme go to here now and just ask you this question. In that passage in other places, the scripture talks about the spirit of antichrist. The spirit of antichrist is already here, it’s been here for a long time, and then there are many antichrist, small A, but then we’re talking now about the antichrist. Would you make a distinction between these three things?

Carl Broggi:         Yeah. Like in one John for instance, John says, children, it’s the last hour. And just as you’ve heard that antichrist is coming, this one world leader, even now, many antichrist have appeared from this. We know it’s the last hour. And so the last hour began according to the scripture with Pentecost. And so the return of Christ is imminent, could happen at any moment. And Jesus taught in Matthew 13 that throughout the church age the spirit of antichrist through Satan and his minions, he disguises himself as an angel of light, and if he does, so won’t his servants. There’ll be teaching a false gospel. But the epitome of that is when the antichrist comes on the scene and John Wallace will say, every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of antichrist. And in the supreme way, the antichrist will do that. As you mentioned, he’ll go into a rebuild temple and he’ll claim to be God almighty. In human flesh, he’ll claim what Jesus claimed about himself. He comes anti in the place of the Lord Jesus as a great deceiver. So the spirit of antichrist has always been at work, but the antichrist, when he’s embodied in a singular person who is able to capture the world is still in the future.

Sam Rohrer:       Okay, another question that many people have and that is this, are there other names, a few other names that you can cite that the scripture uses to describe the antichrist?

Carl Broggi:         There’s actually over 30 names given to the antichrist in scripture, and I cover this in my series on God’s prophetic schedule, but maybe some of the best known would be the Little Horn and that he comes again out of a revived Roman empire according to Daniel seven in Revelation, there’ll be a coalition of 10 nations and then this little horn and 11th will come up. So people often think when they try to identify the antichrist, which no one knows because he won’t be revealed until the church is removed, but they think of some famous person actually, he won’t be a famous person. He’ll come as a small diminutive, but he’ll rise up into a position of magnificence. He’s called the prince to come. The king who does is he pleases a king of fierce countenance. He’s called the son of perdition, the man of lawlessness, as we just mentioned, Zechariah, he describes him as a foolish shepherd and as a worthless shepherd.

Carl Broggi:         Most of us know I 11, at least for the fact that 30 pieces of silver is predicted that Judas would betray Christ for then he goes on and he speaks because of their rejection of the true Messiah, they will embrace a false messiah. And so he says, I’m reading here Zechariah 1115, take again for yourself the equipment of a foolish shepherd. He has Zechariah doing a little parody of sorts. For behold, I’m going to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for the perishing. He’ll not seek the scattered, he’ll not heal the broken and he’ll just serve himself. And so the foolish shepherd is the opposite of the Good Shepherd and so many, many titles given to him, the willful king, a despicable person, Daniel 11 is actually the second half of the chapter is probably the fullest most descriptive portion in all the word of God as to the personality of the antichrist. But of course, most of us know him as either the beast, which is actually the number one name given for him, or the most maybe known name is the antichrist, which John alone uniquely uses.

Sam Rohrer:       Right. Excellent. Here’s another question. When the antichrist emerges this individual, I’ve heard some say, well, he’s going to come on the scene as a velvet glove, smooth talking epitome of political correctness. I would say he comes as a ruthless, intimidating Stalin type personage. Or perhaps does this guy start quiet and humble appearing and then turn into a ferocious individual? What do we know?

Carl Broggi:         Yeah, he starts as a man of peace and he’s going to mesmerize the masses. He’s going to spin lies and make it sound like truths. He is going to convince you that you should sell your mother into slavery and you’re doing God a service. He’s the epitome of evil, but at one point after he comes as a man of peace, and that’s how he’s described. He’s pictured that way even in the first sealed judgment where he comes in a white horse and presents himself as a man of peace and the world’s going to desperately need it at this point after the church has been raptured. But at some point, specifically in the middle point of the tribulation period, he goes from protecting the Jewish nation to opposing them and opposing anyone who opposes him. He’ll have a one world government where people will not be able to buy or sell anything unless they take his mark upon themselves.

Carl Broggi:         They’re on their forehead or on their right hand with this one world economy. If you don’t embrace it, the scripture says it’s death. In fact, it’s death by beheading, but he comes as a great boaster. Revelation 13 says, he has a mouth speaking arrogant words in blasphemies, and he’ll get people to think that up is down and black is white, and because he comes with the power of deception, so much so that Jesus said he could potentially deceive even the elect. But when he speaks, hell speaks. He’s an evil, evil person, comes graciously but ends up with a very raw deal for the people of the world. He initially allows them to embrace a one world religion. It’s called the Apostasy in two Thessalonians two, but then he goes from this multiplicity of religions to a singular religion where men must worship him and he’ll achieve that goal or at least try to, that Satan has always wanted for people to worship him.

Sam Rohrer:       Ladies and gentlemen, we’re profiling the antichrist today, Dr. Carl Broggi and myself and what the Bible says. We’ve talked about his pedigree, who he is and where he came from, his personality and his politics more or less. We just talked about that when we come back. We’re going to talk about his promises, frankly kind of how he comes on the scene. We’ll talk about those promises. We’ll be right back. Among other things, the antichrist, not the little antichrist of which there have been many since Christ was here in his first coming. The antichrist as we’ve been talking, will be characterized by a number of things. Great arrogance was one that we’ve discussed briefly, proud and boastful statements as he is described in Revelations 13 as speaking, proud words and blasphemies. Revelation 13 seven says that he will wage war against the saints. So he’s a ferocious individual.

Sam Rohrer:       Daniel 7 25. He’s described as Dr. Carl Broggi mentioned on the other side, and one of his names is an imposing and boastful king who not the beginning, but after he comes on the scene, will oppress the Jews. The scripture says he even attempts to change God’s set times and the laws. He’s an arrogant fellow, but he’s a person of promise first appearing peaceful and hopeful as it relates to the Jews and Israel in particular. Since God’s focus will have shifted to the Jews, to the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem, as we’ve talked about, so much literally is being done this very day. Alright, Carl, you’ve mentioned that we’ve discussed in the past previous programs that this individual, as we just talked about, we described some of his personality and how he will come, he’ll come from obscurity, he’ll be revealed as you just said.

Sam Rohrer:       He comes at a time of great chaos, a time where this world is distraught, likely after the rapture you mentioned that certainly will put the world in chaos, could be a time of war. I mean, we’re literally on the edge of war right now, so he’s going to come at a time when people are wanting something and he’s going to promise a lot of things. So tell us about what promise he makes that will really be for those who are here. I don’t plan on being here. I won’t be here for that time, but for those who are here, if they know scripture, they will know for certain that this guy is the antichrist.

Carl Broggi:         So he makes promises on two levels. He makes promises to the world at large and he makes promises to Israel. He’s going to come with a sense of peace and security that the world is desperately going to need. We’ve mentioned it in past programs, but there’s a coming war that has never happened that’s recorded in Ezekiel 38. It’s a very detailed description of the actual nations that are involved. The three biggest ones are Russia, Iran, and Turkey, who interestingly 20 years ago absolutely hated each other, spoke against each other. But in the last two and three years, we’ll see all three of those leaders linking arms, loving each other, working together. Those three nations and two others are going to attack Israel in the war of Gog and Magog. I personally think that most likely will set the stage for the antichrist to come on the scene.

Carl Broggi:         The church is raptured and there’s a space of time, we don’t know if its weeks stays or months, but there’s a space of time before the treaty is signed. The peace covenant of Daniel nine, that starts the seven year clock ticking. And it may be that during this time of great turmoil that the antichrist will step on the scene at that point, sign this peace treaty. And so Revelation six then says, I looked a white horse. He was sat on it. He had a bow and a crown was given to him. He went out conquering and to conquer. What’s interesting is he has no arrows. He has just a bow. He comes as a man of peace. It’s like, look, I’ve got a gun, but it’s not loaded. And this of course is going to trick the world. Paul will say to the church at Thessalonica, while they’re saying peace and safety, then suddenly destruction will come upon them like labor pains with a woman who’s pregnant.

Carl Broggi:         And so he’s going to come with a sense of peace, but then the seal judgments are going to begin to unfold. He’s going to come wanting to bring prosperity and economic stability. And so in Revelation 13, he causes the small and the great, rich and poor, free and slaves, everyone, they have to receive a mark on their hand or on their forehead or they can’t buy or sell anything. So he’s going to have an economic system to provide security and a form of false prosperity. He’s going to provide a global unity. Again, his reign will be worldwide. In some of the same chapter says, all who dwell on the earth will worship him. One caveat there, unless of course their name is written in the lamb’s book of life, they won’t worship him. And so he’ll make these promises to the world but also make promises to Israel.

Carl Broggi:         Daniel 9 27, he’ll make a firm covenant with the many for one week, one week here as a reference to seven years. He’s speaking of weeks of years, but in the middle of the week he’ll stop the sacrifice in this rebuilt temple and he’ll commit what Jesus calls the abomination of desolation. And Jesus said, actually, when you see the abomination of desolation happening that was spoken of through the prophet Daniel, get out of dodge. If you’re Jewish, you need to flee into the mountains, into the wilderness because like never before, the antichrist is going to go from protecting Israel to attacking Israel. He’s going to want to destroy them. I think he’s deceived, just like Satan is deceived, he’s going to even amass at the end of this seven year period, the armies of the world thinking that somehow they can not only crush the Jewish people with Zechariah chapters 12 and 14 described, but even stop God’s Messiah.

Carl Broggi:         Look, if there’s no Jews, there can be no kingdom. And I think Satan is just so deceived. He deceived himself into thinking that this can happen and he’ll try to pull it off through his man of sin, but of course it won’t happen. But he’ll initially allow them to rebuild their temple probably after the war of Gog and may Gog. And when he signs the treaty, the temple will be rebuilt. All we know is it’ll be functioning by the midpoint of the seven year period when he goes in and defiles it. And when this happens, things really get bad and not just simply for the Jewish people but for the whole world. Because then Jesus said it goes from tribulation to great tribulation. So intense that unless those days have been cut short, no one could have survived.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, boy, there’s so many places that we could go there. Lemme just have you comment on this. You, I have not discussed this, but the Jewish people right now thinking that when they rebuild the temple that the Messiah will come back. Now we know the circumstance. They are there in the nation in unbelief. We’ve talked about that a great deal. But they’re looking for the Messiah. But the Islamic world that wants to destroy Israel, the combination of Iran and Turkey and Russia, they are wanting to eliminate the Islamic folks. They’re also looking for their Messiah, the Mahdi. Is there a possibility that part of the world could be thinking that this individual is theirs, meaning the Mahdi, the Islamic people and the Jews thinking perhaps, well he is Jewish, maybe he is the Messiah. Do we know anything about that?

Carl Broggi:         Yes, for sure. The Islamic world will not believe that he’s their Mahdi. In fact, I think it’s probably through the war of Gog and Mago that so many Muslims in the world will be wiped out because it’s a supernatural war. Israel won’t even fire a missile and God will destroy these enemies. The five nations that are represented in that war, they represent the majority of the Muslim world. 80% of the Muslim world are represented in those five nations. And so if God wipes them out and then the antichrist steps on the scene, opposition for the rebuilding of a temple is going to be significantly quelled. So the Jews, yes, they want to rebuild the temple. In fact, if you go to the Temple Institute, which is about 500 yards off the western wall today, they’ve remanufactured all of the equipment needed for a rebuilt temple.

Carl Broggi:         They have full architectural plans. But what will signal them is not simply that the antichrist claims to be God. I mean, if Jesus went into the temple and claimed to be God because the prophet said God would become a baby, a baby will be born and his name will be called mighty God. And if Jesus went into the temple and claimed to be God and he did, he called it his father’s house, we wouldn’t say, well, that makes him an antichrist. But what makes this man the antichrist is what accompanies this act. And that is specifically the revelation tells us he’ll commit an act of idolatry and the Jewish people will know this cannot possibly be the Messiah because God’s not going to go against the decalogue. He condemns all forms of idolatry. And this man through a statue that will literally speak, will commit an act of idolatry and they’ll know he is a false messiah. And we’ll have at this point, ah, these two witnesses, their message must be true. These 144,000 Jewish men are brethren. Their message must be true and they will demonstrate an act of faith when they flee into the wilderness because they’re going to literally believe that Jesus is the true messiah and they’re going to listen to what he says.

Sam Rohrer:       Wow, we just don’t have enough time to go much further on that. All I can say, Carl, when we consider these things, they are incredible. And as you said, we’re witnessing the fact Israel’s back in the land. Now they’re in unbelief. But the things that scripture talks about, the aligning of the nations, as you said, Russia and Iran and Turkey, they were not at all together, but they are now. The pieces seem to be moving so very, very quickly, ladies and gentlemen, no matter, well I would say no matter how one looks at it, but when one looks at the events of the day based on what the scripture says, it would make anyone come to the conclusion that these things that we’re talking about, this appearance, this revealing of the man of sin and all these pieces is in fact, well we know closer than ever, but really truly close to him.

Sam Rohrer:       We come back, we’re going to talk about the ending, the demise, how this person antichrist finishes his life. Alright, Carl, we’re going to go into now saying how does this story end? But I got to ask you this question first. Clarification would be helpful. In one of the earlier segments when you were talking about the antichrist, he comes as we’ve talked about, out of obscurity, he’s unknown. He has revealed as scripture says, and then he comes on the scene you have postulated and be more firm on. That may be more than postulation, but I want you to put that together. The rapture we know is going to happen and it’s got to happen before the tribulation. So anyway, so you’ve got that. We know that when that happens, it’s going to create chaos. We know the world’s going to be in a state of war it is right now.

Sam Rohrer:       So anyways, this guy comes on the scene out of nowhere, he promises something to the world and you said prosperity and all of that because it’s what’s needed. Probably at that time Israel looks at him and he says, oh, he’s going to promise us peace. You talk about a system of buying and selling, we’ve talked about that a lot and we talked about abominate. The temple halfway through has his statue there that speaks. The Jews now say, aha, this guy is an imposter. And then they move on from there. But here’s the question. When this guy comes on the scene, do we know from scripture sufficiently that when he comes on and promises this peace and prosperity, that a system of him controlling economically buying and selling is in place with the abomination in the middle of the temple just linking worship of the beast to a system already in place? Explain that a little bit because you’ve thought that thing through and I know you’ve preached on it. Explain that just a little bit for our listeners.

Carl Broggi:         Yeah, so I think what is clear from Revelation 17 where you find a coming Babylon, there’s two expressions of Babylon in the Revelation religious Babylon and there’s economic Babylon. And so economic Babylon is a one world economy that is pictured in Revelation 17. I think what is different in the midpoint of the tribulation is that for you to continue to participate in this one world economy is at that point where people are required to take the mark of the beast. So it’s not like he comes on the scene, take his 6, 6, 6 people are going to follow him. They’re going to faint at his feet because of signs, wonders, and miracles done by Satan. Through him, they’re going to listen to him as a world leader. He’s going to establish this world system which again, like many prophecies, they have to be set up in advance.

Carl Broggi:         The crucifixion is spoken of a thousand years before Christ by the prophet and King Daniel, 700 years before Christ by Isaiah 500 years before Christ, by Zechariah, but it yet hadn’t been invented. And so God will often set the stage and I believe through the world economic form, the World Health Organization, other entities, that stage is being set for a global economy that is around the corner. But the global economy will get very well defined right in the middle when he requires you to participate to be able to buy or sell by taking his mark. So that’s the distinction.

Sam Rohrer:       Alright, excellent. Personally, I agree with that. I think that was well stated. Thank you so much for clarifying. It probably helped a lot of our listeners. Okay, one quick question here and that is this, once the antichrist abominations the temple and it moves from the time of wrath, beginning of the seven year period to great wrath in the second three and a half, does the Bible tell us anything about how these judgments of God are impacting the antichrist personally? Do we know anything about that?

Carl Broggi:         Well, he is surviving and he’s prospering, so it’s not affecting him personally, but it’s obviously affecting the people of the world. And when there’s fear, people are desperate. We saw a small tidbit of that through covid. People were willing to do anything. They’re so wrapped up in their own personal fear. And when people are lost, fear tends to drive them a fear of death, which of course Jesus destroyed. The writer of the Hebrews tells us so no, but it affects the world, these judgments. I have four fingers that I’m holding up and in the sealed judgments, one fourth of the world is destroyed. That leaves three fingers and the trumpet judgments, one third of the world is destroyed. So by the end of the trumpet judgments, half the world is gone, half the world is dead. And then there’s the bold judgments, which seemingly come right at the end.

Carl Broggi:         There are such a nature that I don’t think people could live long at all. And so yes, the antichrist is desperate at this point. It affects him in that way. So what does he do? He a masses, the armies of the world. He says the problem is the Jew. And that’s what Zechariah 12 three describes. That’s what Zechariah 14 describes, where all the nations of the world at that point turn against Israel in a formal attack. It’s called the Battle of Armageddon. They assemble there in that great valley of Jezreel and then they march towards Jerusalem and in the process the Lord Jesus comes back and they seek to march against him. That’s Revelation chapter 20. I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against him who sat on the horse in his great army. So their mission is to end the saints of God, the Israel of God, and even the mention of the name of God. It seems inconceivable that man would try to fight against God himself, but it’s no more unbelievable than the idea that when God came to earth that men murdered him. And add to that there’ll be a diluting influence that will drive them into this war against Christ and against the Jewish

Sam Rohrer:       People. Oh, alright, tight ladies and gentlemen. So important. If you don’t know the Lord is your personal savior now accept him now. Deception will come only greater. Okay, just a little bit time left here. Carl. We got to say the conclusion, the demise, what happens in the antichrist passing at the end of the tribulation period? What happens to the antichrist

Carl Broggi:         In 1920 and the beast was seized and with him, the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence deceived the world in where they put their casts into the lake of fire. Right now, no one is in the lake of fire. The devil’s not in the lake of fire. He has freedom to reign. He’s not in Hades, but the first two recipients of the lake of Fire, and they’re the first two a thousand years later, all who are in Haiti is are cast into the lake of fire, the final resting place of all the lost. But God will be sending a statement that he does not take lightly. Those who deceive people he does not take lightly. Those who promote evil hell is awful for anyone who goes there. But I think God is sending a message early that listen, these people are so evil, they’re going to be there are a thousand years before anyone else.

Carl Broggi:         And as you read these things, it’s not just to make us smarter sinners, obviously, it’s for us to make application. We’re reminded that God’s justice is perfect and we’ll see the expression of that in the greater the sin, the greater the judgment. You know the university professor who makes fun of the Bible and mocks it, he’s going to receive a greater punishment. The greedy person who exploits people with his wealth and makes… greater judgment. The immoral person who flaunt his immorality and has a website that’s central greater judgment. The politician who legislates abortion, who favors the mutilation of little children in transgenderism, a greater judgment just like these two men will receive a greater judgment. They’re there a thousand years early and when Satan’s cast in there, they’re still very much alive because hell is forever.

Sam Rohrer:       Wow. Wow, wow. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that this profiling of the antichrist today and putting it in perspective a little bit better perhaps has been helpful to you. This individual is real, prophecy is true. What God says will happen is happening and will come to fruition. I hope that you have both heard are encouraged that if you are in Christ, these things will not affect us. But anyone who rejects the truth as revealed today in Christ only these things are before them at such a terrible time. Anyway, great hope in the gospel and that’s the point. That’s how we want to leave you today. Tomorrow as he celebrate Independence Day, give thanks to the Lord for what he’s done in this country, but be more thankful for the liberty, the true liberty that is available to all of those who put their faith in Christ.