as presented by Dr. Gordon Donaldson

on Stand in the Gap Today 11/8/21


Note: These tests can be done by Quest Diagnostics with a doctor’s prescription.

PDF: To download the PDF, please click HERE.

To test for inflammation:

Cardio IQ myeloperoxidase
Lp-PLA2 activity

To test for immune function:

CBC with a differential
CD4 level
CD8 level

To test for bleeding issues:

Look at platelet count in CBC

To test for blood clots in small vessels:

Troponin T, high sensitivity
D-dimer level

To test for heart function:

Galectin-3 level

To test for general organ function:

Comprehensive metabolic panel

Note: Also test Vitamin D levels.

Note: To find out whether you have COVID anti-bodies, you can be tested for the SARS -CoV-2 virus Antibody (IgG) level; (not the antibody level to the spike protein).